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Terms of Use

1. All donations to CrystalOne are strictly for bandwidth and not for content.
2. You may not donate or access this or any other website in the domain in any way if you are employed by Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (also referred to as Sirius-XM throughout), it's related and/or holding companies, subsidiaries, or any way involved with Sirius-XM in any way. This includes but is not limited to law firms representing them.
3. You agree to not mention CrystalOne on social media, forums, Reddit, Twitter, etc. We survive by staying below the radar.
4. You agree to not report CrystalOne to Sirius-XM, any copyright infringement agency or service, or anyone affiliated in any way with either of them.
5. Accessing and/or usage of this site in any way, including reading these terms of use, indicates your agreement to these terms.
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