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  • Audio podcasts are in 56Kbps or higher MP3 format.
  • Video files are standard MPEG-4 (MP4) or AVI encoded with XviD or DivX codec.
  • Universal Credit Chart - Donation: $5 for 15 Universal Credits
    [1] Credit: Short Audio files, Stern Classics Library, Wrap-Up Shows and H100/101 Misc Shows
    [2] Credits: Daily Audio Show, Mastertape Theater, other Full-Length Shows.
    [3 & 3+] Credits: Howard TV Videos and 700MB+ files
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Available Podcasts:

  • Howard Stern Show Daily
  • Wrap-Up Show Daily
  • H100/101 Misc Show(s)
  • Howard TV Video
  • Mastertape Theater
  • Bubba The Love Sponge
  • Opie and Jim / Opie and Anthony
  • Bennington / Ron and Fez
  • Jay Thomas
  • Ferrall
  • Miserable Men
  • Stern Classics Library Archive: Shows from before the switch to Sirius XM. One of the most complete collections available anywhere.

The Daily Howard Stern Show Podcast

Do you love Howard Stern? Do you love podcasts? Of course you don't love podcasts because most of them are crap. But what would happen if you were to mix Howard Stern with podcasts? We proudly introduce the Daily Howard Stern Show Podcast. Click one of the podcast subscription buttons to the right to subscribe.

Can't listen to Howard on Sirius XM Radio? Don't have him in your area? Do you live overseas with no Sirius XM reception? Is your office computer firewalled? Do you want to have Howard Stern delivered straight to you every day with the newest week's worth of shows? Tired of waiting to hear Howard's newest shows on the radio or online? Stop waiting and have the newest shows come straight to your computer so you can listen to them on the go, in your car, office or even on a portable mp3 player.

By signing up on CrystalOne Premium for this new Daily Stern Show podcast, you'll receive the newest daily Howard Stern Show in a high quality 56Kbps (or higher) bitrate mp3 file, commercial free, delivered straight to you via your favorite podcatcher application, podcast webservice, or via the website by signing up here.

For only $5 for 15 show Credits you can't go wrong. The Credits will allow you download the daily show, Howard TV, and more; and unlike the cell phone companies, your Credits won't disappear at the end of the month or anything like that. For example, you may want to buy 15 Credits, but only download 1 or 2 shows a week, that's fine by us. Sound good? If you would like to sign up for the Daily Howard Stern Show Podcast, just click one of the podcast buttons to the right. We also provide Howard TV, Bubba the Love Sponge, the Intern Show, other Howard 100 and 101 shows, Opie and Jim, Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez, and Coast to Coast AM.

As you all know, podcasting a show is probably one of the most expensive ways of delivering content because it is direct to you, meaning we take the brunt of the bandwidth hit. We hope we can afford to maintain this service indefinitely, but we are not sure yet without knowing how many people are actually interested in signing up for the podcast. We hope you all enjoy this new service, and we thank you for supporting CrystalOne.

Our Most Popular Donation Options
Credits Sub
* Our most popular package, this will enable you to download the Howard Stern show every day and have some extra credits for Howard TV or other shows!
Credits Sub
* The basic Howard Stern daily show package - enough credits to download the 3 Howard Stern shows per week!
Credits Sub
* Our 2nd most popular package, this will enable you to download the Howard Stern and Wrap-Up Shows every day!
Credits Sub
* Another popular package, this will enable you to download the Howard Stern and Wrap-Up Shows every day with plenty left over for other shows!
Prem. Credits
33 Credits / $11
* One-time donation for 15 Credits, no subscription or recurring charges.
Credits Sub
* 15 Credits/week recurring donation. Same as the $20/mo sub above, but the donation is weekly instead.
48/mo Sub
* Exclusive benefit for our long-term established CrystalOne Members Only!
* Unlimited universal credits for your personal use (see Unlimited Package FAQ for details.)
*** If you are logged in to your account, more donation options are available by visiting the Podcasts and Live Streams pages.
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